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Posted by Craig & Allison on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 at 3:13pm.

During these unsettling times we don't expect to sell many homes, and that's OK. We truly believe people should be staying at home, not out looking at homes unless it is absolutely necessary. We showed this cute little house to our clients on March 19th just as things were starting to get crazy. Between the listing agents and ourselves we took all advised precautions and added a few of our own including no paper show sheets (digital only), wearing gloves and the sellers left all lights on and doors open for us.

March 19th was the first and only time the buyers saw the house we negotiated over the phone and signed the final contract through Docusign, I met the client a few days later in front of their condo building for the deposit and dropped off in the listing agent's office's mailbox. The home inspector conducted then inspection by himself (not ideal but we all agreed it was the right thing to do) followed by a conference call and a very detailed report complete with pictures and recommendations. This was followed by a bit more negotiating for some needed repairs and a dozen or s calls to the mortgage broker/lender. Lastly a waiver was signed through Docusign and the deal was firm...I hope the buyers still love the house (they will, it's a great house for a great price). 


How will this pandemic change the way we do business? I think a lot of things remain to be seen but I truly hope that working through these times will help Realtors and clients understand the importance of a few things:

1. Eliminating unnecessary showings (Sellers & Listing Agent)

  • We have used 3D tours for a while. They are an incredibly effective way to allow buyers to walk through our clients homes and get a feel for the space, floor plan, etc. 
  • Virtual Open Houses; maybe through Facebook Live, FaceTime or a pre-recorded walkthrough
  • Floor Plans: This is something else we have done for a while, again it give Buyers a sense of the space and layout of the home

2. Eliminate unqualified showings (Buyers & Buyers Agent):

  • Going forward buyers agents should be asking more questions and not in a rush to go show a home to anyone: "have you viewed the home online yet?" "Should I ask the listing agent if they have done a video walkthrough?"
  • Take it upon yourself to learn different home styles so you know what you like and don't like. Get to a point where you can see a home online and understand the layout (is is a floorplan you like or a waste of time to see it?).
  • Use maps to see where the home is located and then orientation: Does it back onto a busy road? If it does and this is a deal breaker for you then there is probably no point in seeing it. Does it have a north facing backyard but you are hoping to grow tomatoes? Again, maybe not worth checking out.

These are just a few idea off the cuff that I think will be important to implement into our business going forward. Over the coming weeks and months I am sure there will be new ideas and outlines on how to keep our clients and ourselves safe moving forward. 

Thoughts or anything you would add? Please comment below or fee free to send me an email

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