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Posted by Craig & Allison on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 2:58pm.


Work from HomeTruth is I am not very good at working from home. I have a cute kid (who is out of school) a cute dog (who always wants to play) and a cute wife (who is also working from home). However, this is the reality for many of us for the foreseeable future so we better shape up. 

I wanted to share a few things we are working on to make work at home work for us:

Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Going: A morning routine is important even if you aren’t leaving the house. Get up, have your coffee, meditate/exercise, shower, get dressed (even workout clothes are better then pajamas) and get the day started. I try to avoid watching the news or paying attention to the negativity and bickering on social media in the morning.

Work in shifts (if needed): With a busy three-year-old in the house it’s hard for both of us to be working at the same time. We have stared working in one-hour shifts this way one of us is able to focus 100% on work the other 100% on being a parent.

Call/FaceTime your people (coming together by being apart): Reach out to past and current clients; see how they are doing and is there anything they need? Reach out to your colleagues; remember they are going through the same thing, have the same anxieties and uncertainties. They are also sitting at home trying to figure out wtf to do next. Give them a call and talk about anything but the negative stuff. Don’t know who to call…call me 403.975.0910.

Drink water: At my main office I have to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a coffee. Seeing as my home office is the kitchen island the espresso machine is three steps away. However, after five espressos productivity is down and anxiety up. Make smart decisions, Craig.

Eat Lunch (on time): Be healthy; a salad, soup, something…leave the frozen pizza and chicken nuggets for the weekend. VERY IMPORTANT: No booze at lunch! The Sauv Blanc calls my name too but I know a glass leads to a bottle then the work day is over and I am on the couch watching reruns of MDLNY.

Don’t beat yourself up: Some days my kid needs more attention then other days, some days we get caught up doing a project around the house and some days I just don’t feel like making my calls/talking to anyone. For me building a work from home routine is to establish some sense of normalcy in times that lack normalcy. The most important thing for me is to be productive. Realistically this post might be the only productive thing I do all day but if it makes someone think or laugh or cry or call me an asshole then at least my day wasn’t wasted.

Stay safe friends xx


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