Waiting to get off the Pot…Starting a Social Career During a time of Social Distancing

Posted by Craig & Allison on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 6:16pm.

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Over the past month I have met and talked with a number of people who were either just getting into real estate or were thinking about changing careers. I have been thinking about them a lot during this time of social distancing as I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be so excited about such a big life move and be stuck in neutral. If this is how you feel don’t be discouraged; we are all in the same boat. You may not be able to work in your business but you most certainly can work on your business. Here are a few tips to build a solid foundation so when this is all over you hit the ground running and never look back:

Online training: Depending which company you work for they may or may not offer online training. Either way, great news: CENTURY 21 Canada has just launched a FREE, 21-day training program with some of the best speakers/trainers and have opened it up to the ENTIRE INDUSTRY regardless of what company you work for or your experience level (this is a no-brainer).

Learn your market/farm/niche:  You are new and hungry to get out there, start listing homes and doing deals however the chances of you meeting a new client and listing a home with everything going on today are relatively slim. What you can do is study your market and establish a niche or farm you can work in (if you want to chat more about this don’t hesitate reach out). I often tell the story of my second ever listing pitch and the seller asking me to leave because I was under-prepared and wasting his time. This is your opportunity to make sure you are always prepared and start your career with great habits.

Get your back end systems in order: 

one of the biggest challenges with starting a career in Real Estate is not knowing where to start with your systems. Here is my non-exhaustive guide to what you need to do: Work on your listing presentation, build a great website and add a ton of content, start/work on your CRM (you don’t need anything fancy Gmail or Outlook are better then nothing and are free), build your social media followers and engage with them, work on templates, letters…this should be a good start. Get this done now so it’s on autopilot when you get selling.

Lastly, make sure you spend some time with your family and friends (at a safe distance) because when you get busy selling homes you will wish you had this time back 

Until next time friends, stay safe

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