5 Tips to sell your home "By Owner"

There are many reasons to sell your home privately, especially in today's market. We respect your decision to sell your home yourself no matter what your reasoning. We have put together this list of 5 Tips to sell your Home By Owner to assist you in the process. We hope these tips are of use to you in selling your home and all we ask is that if you are considering listing your home with a Realtor then you give us a chance to chat with you about the marketing services we provide.

Best of Luck! Welcome to Real Estate!

1.  Photos, Photos, Photos. In Marketing great photos can make all the difference. We recommend you have at least 20 photos of your home; every room, different angles, both interior and exterior photos as well as maybe some photos of your neighbourhood. When marketing our client’s listings we hire a professional photographer to take photos these photos. This could be a great option for you. Homes-especially condos-can be very difficult to photograph, they often appear dark, small and tunnel like, a professional Real Estate Photographer has the tools to display your home in its best light.

2.  Ensure your home is Clean. Buying Real estate is an emotional experience; you want the Buyer to fall in love with your home. If your home is messy, beds aren't made or dishes aren't put away it is very hard to fall in love. Often times simply de-cluttering can work wonders in the way your home shows. Also, try scented candles, burning oils or even Febreze to ensure your home smells fresh during showings.

3.  Online Presence. In North America 85%-90% of Buyers go online to look for their next home. Websites like craigslist and Kijiji are effective to an extent but it is easy for your home to get lost amongst the 1000's of other listings on these sites. You may want to look into building a single page website for your home, a place where you can post photos, listing description, floor plans, etc. There are many companies that offer inexpensive or even free website options. 

4.  Feature Sheets. You should have a feature sheet ready for any perspective buyers who tour your home. These feature sheets should include photos, description (see #5), room measurements, property tax, maintenance fees, and any other information a buyer may need. You should also have this feature sheet available in PDF form so you can easily email it to any perspective buyers who inquire about your home.

5.  Listing Descriptions. It is amazing how often I see a listing description with spelling and grammatical errors. The listing description is the usually the second impression of your home (behind photos); it should be a description of the features and benefits of your home and should tell the buyer why they should call you to make an appointment. "Condo for sale with nice view" won't cut it; there are hundreds of condos available in Calgary with a "nice view." Think of descriptive words and phrases that best describe your home and use a spelling and grammar checker like Microsoft Word. Click here to read an LA Times article on how your listing description can make a huge difference.