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We talk a lot on our team and with our clients about what we call Responsible Home Buying. Obviously, this can mean a lot of things to a lot of people and I am not telling you what you should or shouldn't buy (it's your money) but there are a few unfortunate trends we try to help our clients avoid. This is the first of a three-part series where our only goal is education. We are living in a new economy in Calgary and because of this new economy we need to think a bit differently about the home buying process. Check back form parts two and three over the next couple weeks and-as always- don't hesitate reach out if you have questions or concerns about buying a home. 

What you are comfortable spending vs what the bank says you can afford

This drives me…

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We negotiated 4 offers last week. Two were accepted (one buyer, one listing) and two weren’t (both buyers). Not coincidentally the accepted offers were both negotiated in good faith in less then five hours while the non-accepted offers didn’t even receive a response from the seller’s/seller’s Realtor for 20+ hours. Buying real estate is emotional.

If a buyer writes an offer on your home they want to buy it in that moment. As a seller, no mater how low you may think the offer is: respond, counter back, counter back full price if you want (I don’t recommend it), at least participate in the conversation. If you wait too long to respond to an offer the buyer either thinks you aren’t interested in selling or you are using their offer to get others. Either…

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We sold a fair amount of Real Estate in 2018 (not as much as 2017 but that's another story). Of all the homes we sold in 2018 my favorite sale was 905 Wentworth Villas SW, a 4-level split townhouse in the community of West Springs on Calgary's Westside. This wasn't our biggest sale of the year, in fact it sold for $390,000, what made it my favorite was the story behind it:

For Allison's Birthday I surprised her with a cooking class at the Interactive Culinary Centre; Spanish Tapas. Not something we normally do but I thought it would be fun. There were eight people there, a little but of wine and while we were sitting around eating the food we had made we got talking and it came up that one of our fellow chefs (her name was Liz) had their townhouse…

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As of writing this there are 337 homes for sale in Cochrane. Today (Sunday February 17th) there are six open houses in all of Cochrane and I am hosting two of them. That means only 1.8% of the homes listed for sale are open today...that’s crazy! Yes, I know it’s snowing a bit today and it’s -17 but it’s February in Alberta, what did you expect!? 

  Open Houses work. Are they my favorite thing to do on a weekend afternoon? Probably not but over the past six years we have averaged $1-$1.5 million in sales/year just from open houses.    We have a saying in our house/office for 2019: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. We will do whatever we can (within the bounds of the law) to sell your home. If that means putting out a half dozen open house signs in -17,…
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3 new lot listing this week:

#401-1719 9a Street SW MLS# C4210350

  • $464,900
  • 2 Bed/2 Bath
  • 770 SqFt

 #505-138 18th Avenue SE MLS# C4210416

  • $392,500
  • 2 Bed + Loft/2 Bath
  • 1217 SqFt
  • Listed by: RE/MAX FIRST

 #410-240 11th Avenue SW MLS# C4210890

  • $469,800
  • 1 Bed/1 Bath
  • 1038 SqFt




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