Why Didn’t My Home Get Competing Offers?

Firstly, competing offer are never a guarantee. Expecting competing bids or a sale price over your asking price is setting yourself up for disappointment. However, there are a few consistent reasons we have noticed as to why homes aren’t receiving the offers they are expecting:

  1. Not Show-and-Sell Ready: We are in one of the hottest markets Calgary as ever seen but your home still needs to be prepped properly. This means spotlessly clean, decluttered and ready to show it’s best at all times. Tell your Realtor you want to have a serious conversation about showing preparation and don’t take their feedback personally.
  2. Unrealistic Pricing: Even with homes selling $100,000+ above the asking price cross the city there still needs to be strategy around your listing price. If a house on your street sold last week for $500,000 and you list your house for $600,000 buyers will not take you seriously.
  3. Not Having a Clear Offer Plan: Buyers are frustrated and they do not want to play games. Work out a plan with your Realtor abut how offers will be reviewed and ensure your Realtor is able to communicate this plan to prospective buyers and their Realtors. If you don’t have a plan buyers can quickly lose confidence and assume you are trying to play them.